Why does you Business Need Business Rescue

1. Your company is financially distressed and is unlikely to be able to meet its commitments within the next ensuing months. 2. You need time to rationalize the affairs of your company. 3. You need relief from eminent legal action being taken by aggressive creditors of your company. 4. You need help to formalize the process of negotiating the future existence of your company with the creditors and affected parties within your company. 5. You want to save your company or CC from possible liquidation. 6. You want help in turning around your business to once again be profitable.

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Insolvency Matters

Out Team of Experts assist with all Insolvency and Legal matters.


We are experienced in Volantary Liquidation via CIPC, Court and via the High Court.


We have a team of Attorneys and Advocated that we work with.

Business Rescue

Our Team can also assist with all matters relating to Business Rescue.


We also have a Team of Accountants and Fraud Investigations


We can assisit with any Legal matters as the Team and other Law and Accounting Firms have a close relationship with us.


We are like a one stop shop