Under which circumstances can my trustee lay criminal charges against me?

You can be charged criminally if you commit the following acts, if you have;
  • Hidden assets or business books from your Trustee (Section 132);

  • within 2 years before you sequestration, hidden liabilities or lied about your assets when obtaining credit (Section 133);

  • Failed to keep proper books and records of your business (Section 134);

  • Fraudulently preferred creditors or incurred debt without the reasonable expectation that you can pay such debt (Section 135);

  • Neglected or refused to give information, assets or documents to your trustee on his request (Section 136);

  • Obtained credit during sequestration without disclosing that you are insolvent (Section 137);

  • Failed to appear at a meeting convened to hold an enquiry about your insolvent estate (Section 139);

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