Mirror Trading International (Pty) Ltd - In Liquidation - Claim Process

To: All MTI Investors, Mirror Trading International (Pty) Ltd - In Liquidation Please be advised the liquidators are in a very sensitive part of the administration of the MTI estate. At this stage, there is nothing to report other than the extension of powers that was granted by the High Court of the Western Cape. The body of liquidators is working on a dedicated website where information concerning the administration of the estate will be posted regularly and where claim forms can be obtained. We ask investors and concerned parties to please be patient. The liquidators are in the process of finalising the structure of the claim forms and ascertain what claims will be legal, and how such claims must be structured to put forward for acceptance to the Master of High Court. Furthermore, our powers were extended to proceed with an inquiry and we are finalizing the subpoenas, the inquiry will proceed from the 19th February 2021 till the 26th February 2021 in Cape Town. Please don’t fill in any forms until the website goes live. By filling in unnecessary forms, you are incurring unnecessary costs and creating confusion. There will be sufficient time for you to fill in and submit your claim forms. #mti#sebenzatrust#liquidationexperts#Liquidation#mtiliquidation#mirrortradinginternationl

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