What is going to Happen to my Investment?" - MTI placed in Provisional Liquidation


Appointmen of experienced Senior Liquidators in Ponzi Schemes and Crypto Currency Bitcoin

Your vote counts. Here are some further possible liquidators.

Sebenza Trust Liquidators and Insolvency Practitioners since 1998 https://liquidationspecialis.wixsite.com/sebenzatrust or www.liquidationexperts.co.za


Link to zoom meeting

Youtbe https://youtu.be/YAlhJPWXksU

No need to despair! All is not lost. Your actions over the next 36 hours and the subsequent period will secure your portion of the pay out if you have a legitimate claim.

These are the experts that were consulted in the Video

: Liquidator - Christopher Roos - Since 2002

https://liquidationspecialis.wixsite.com/sebenzatrust or www.liquidationexperts.co.za

Leads a team of Cyber and Fraud Investigators with experience in Bitcoin and Pyramid Schemes, also Attorneys and Advocates.

We will be working closely with Serious Financial and Economic Departments known as the HAWKS, the FSCA, that conducted the Investigation and National Prosecuting Authority, Asset Forfeiture Unit.

To freeze all Bank Accounts, Bitcoin Investments Wallets and to Apply for Bankruptcy and Liquidation of main People and Business Involved.


Kopano Auctioneers in 1995 - Xenophon Dippenaar - https://kopanoauctions.co.za/ Established Kopano Auctioneers in 1995 Had various business interests in South Africa and Mozambique including international imports and exports. Since 1995 I've handled literally thousands of insolvent and deceased estates. And I've had interaction with basically every liquidator in South Africa and has done work for such. Kopano Auctioneers have a national footprint all over South Africa with branches in Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal and Western Cape. The company has been appointed in various Ponzi/Pyramid schemes and has also done plenty of work for the Asset Forfeiture Unit, a regulatory body working closely with the National Prosecuting agency.

Advocate - Hendrik van Staden Advocate of the High Court of South Africa and a member of the National Bar Council of South Africa, he is situated in Pretoria. He has experience as an prosecutor and legal advisor since January 2014. Further experience include Ponzi schemes investigations and litigation. He became an Advocate in 2016 after completing his pupillage under Adv Carel van Heerden where has received much exposure to especially mining law. Advocate - Vaughn Victor Studied at NWU llb Specialises in cyberlaw, cyber securities and crypto currency Also on the Master of High Court as an insolvency practitioner...just does investigations and does not accept appointments. Also part of the international fraud investigators....

The questions came from a panel of RAG members who are investors and they harvested from questions asked by various communications that RAG have been having with MTI investors

. The Video Below This video carefully examines your participation in making a choice of the correct, cyber crime skilled liquidator. The nature of the investment was paramount in examining who would be the lawyers, liquidator and auctioneer to field our investors most burning questions. Note, by watching this video and then signing up and attending tomorrow's broadcast you should have a good idea of the processes and procedures that are required to achieve a successful outcome of reclaiming your investment/portion of your investment that would otherwise be locked up in MTI. Please watch the video below for further detail. The process is carefully explained in the video. Don't despair it takes about 30 seconds to start.

Your vote counts. Here are some further possible liquidators. Sebenza https://liquidationspecialis.wixsite.com/sebenzatrust Invest Trust. https://www.investrust.co.za/

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Link to zoom meeting

Youtbe https://youtu.be/YAlhJPWXksU

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